To be the source for our REALTORS® continued success.


To provide our REALTORS® with an environment which will improve their working skills, benefiting them and hence their clients.

  • We all have to constantly keep up with the changing market conditions, mortgage interest rates, down payment rules, new trends, new neighbourhoods popping up and other updates which impact real estate decisions.

  • We understand how overwhelming the process can be.

  • Urban Realty has proven that we not only train and support our REALTORS® to benefit them and their clients, but we also look after home sellers and buyers.

  • By offering them guarantees and tools specifically designed, we provide you with a piece of mind and confidence you need to complete your real estate transactions.

  • We are one of the largest and fastest growing independent BRAND brokerages in Calgary and we are always there to support you.


  • When Sunny Parmar, broker and founder of Urban Realty, was a REALTOR® himself, he was constantly searching for a brokerage. He was searching for a brokerage that could provide a good source of training and support to help make his real estate business a success.

  • He was in a similar situation which most of the starting or even veteran REALTORS® were and still are in today. There was this huge “nothingness”, a gap, that existed between different types of fee structures and brokerages. Either REALTORS® were paying a huge desk fee along with a commission split to get some sort of basic training and support or they were paying a low monthly fee to get no training and minimal to zero support. A huge task, but a necessity.

  • He also envisioned that this brokerage would one day become a brand name brokerage, providing much required support and training options to its REALTORS®, at a nominal fee. Hence in 2007, Sunny decided to establish a brokerage which would work hard to bridge this gap between affordability and support inside a brand brokerage.

  • Starting with one REALTOR®, now currently with a strong team of over 200 REALTORS®, and still growing, we are one of the largest and fastest growing independent brand brokerages, in Calgary, Alberta.

  • Urban Realty has shown that we not only save REALTORS® a substantial amount of money but we also give them an opportunity to re-invest the savings back into their business. By doing so, our agents can take their business to the next level, without struggling to find it elsewhere or borrowing it.

Our Management Team

Sunny Parmar

Founder / Broker

Phone No:403-835-8358
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Bezette Garcia

Operations Manager

Phone No:403-590-2233
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Creshel Maglines

Chief Document Coordinator

Phone No:403-452-5577
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Sharon Libby

Document Coordinator

Phone No:403-452-5577
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Urban Realty is an organization which understands that today’s real estate market can be challenging and complex - for Sellers, for Buyers and even for seasoned REALTORS®

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