Advisory: Remember to Lock Your LockBoxes After A Showing

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Published by Urban Real Estate Services Ltd.

CREB® has received some reports of sellers returning home after a showing to a wide-open key bin. 

This can be a scary situation for the homeowner and consequently, lead to disciplinary action for their REALTOR®.

If a complaint is submitted about keys being left exposed, it is considered to be a very serious offense and will go directly to an investigation.

Of course, this is all very much avoidable – please remind your team to always secure the home before leaving and make sure the key is properly housed in the lockbox.

Watch the above video so you can see (and hear) what we’re talking about.

According to CREB® Rule 7.04, “REALTORS® are in care and control of the keys when accessing a property and would be liable if something were to happen.”

For more information, please contact CREB® directly or e-mail us at

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