Home Sellers Tips: How to Make Your House Stand-out

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As you may have heard, the COVID-19 has hit the Calgary real estate market pretty hard. We know it’s easy to get discouraged from analysis paralysis because it happens to all of us. Negative numbers can be daunting and leave you second-guessing whether the time is right to sell. However, a slow market gives you the opportunity to pull out all the stops to stand-out and have a competent REALTOR® by your side to make the most of the stagnant market.

Set the Stage

Staging is a critical component in the marketability of your home. Preparing your home for the market will help you target prospective buyers by making a home appear move-in ready. The goal of staging is to make your home appeal to potential buyers, thereby selling the property more swiftly and for more money.

The Value of Staging

Sellers who have either invested in staging or taken on the initiative themselves have seen a significant increase in showings and overall decrease in time of their house being on the market. Whatever can save you time in the long run and increase the value of your sale is a valuable asset when it comes to selling your home. Below are some statistics around the impact of staging:

The Facts

Do-it-Yourself Tips and Tricks

Don’t worry if you are on a budget. The goal of staging is to help the buyer perceive and visualize themselves in your home. We found three of the best DIY tips and tricks you can do on your own to improve the staging of your home.

  • Get Rid of Clutter

Minimize cluttered counter space or other spaces of clutter to open up the room and provide negative space for the Buyer to be able to picture their own home additions.

  • Set the Dinner Table

Since mealtime is a critical component of the everyday homeowner, you want to create a benchmark for what a home buyer could anticipate. A few quick additions to your dining room table like placemats, a table runner, and some accent dinnerware goes a long way.

  • Style Your Closet

Closet space should be optimized for a viewing. Keep the clutter at bay in storage boxes, organize your clothing through color blocking and take out the off-season pieces. This will give the impression of a large storage space for a buyer’s personal items.

Unsure Where to Start?

If you are not sure where to start, consider downloading the Houzz App – a home staging tool for your Smartphone that helps you capture real-time photos of your home and mock-up room designs. You can also explore their website for design inspiration and project ideas.

Put Your REALTORS® to Work

When in doubt, get your REALTOR® to support your staging efforts. Your agent should be able to provide you with an overall checklist of things to manage when you decided to stage your home. Your agent should also be able to provide resources and references for you, if you choose to contract out staging work. Consider asking your selling agent the following questions to get your home staging on track:

  • Who can I hire to stage my home?;
  • What are the fees associated with staging?;
  • What are some common areas that buyers look at first?;
  • Can I resell my staging furniture?

The Real Value of Hiring a REALTOR®

A trusted agent has the right training and advice available for you so you’re not left feeling uncertain or unclear in what tasks to take on during the home selling process.

How Your REALTOR® Can Help

Like Urban Agents, your listing agent should provide a vital process to helping you stage and selling your home. At Urban Realty, we have evolved this process into the Three P’s to Sold:

Look for Guarantees

In addition to having a knowledgeable expert, you will want to ensure your home selling goals are covered off as well. Look to the brokerage of hire and inquire with your agent on possible selling benefits to streamline your home selling process. A great way Urban Realty has introduced this to home buyers is through our 90-Days Sold Guarantee, providing home sellers with peace of mind that the sale of their home will be a top priority for their listing agent.


If you are looking to sell your home in Calgary, consider the value of staging as an additional component to your home selling process. Make sure your listing agent has the applicable skills and resources available for you to optimize the sale of your home. Remember to check if your listing agent is able to provide you with additional guarantees to bring you confidence to the sale of your home. Still not sure where to start? Our brokerage makes it easy: Consider completing a Home Evaluation Calculator to get a complimentary assessment of your home’s value before engaging with any listing agent. Happy selling!

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