How Your Brokerage Can Set You Up For Success

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With over 200 brokerages in Calgary alone, REALTORS® are entering 2018 with an abundance of options available to them on which brokerage to work with.

The choices can be overwhelming for some, but most of us are looking for three things to streamline our real estate business effectively: cost-effectiveness, growth opportunities and a supportive work environment.

With CREB®'s dues and fees, due on Wednesday, Feb. 28 and AREA and CREA annual dues ($719.25) due on Thursday, March 29, the opportunity for Calgary REALTORS® to seek out more affordable but supportive options is now.

As a REALTOR®, you want a brokerage where you can save, invest and grow without costly brokerage fees, contractual obligations that hold you back, or a lack of resources to help you boost your business’ profits.

Start by Focusing on Saving Incentives

Long gone are the days where REALTORS® had to toss up between 5-10 notable branded brokerages. From popular franchises to locally sourced and owned businesses, Calgary REALTORS® can make the choice between what serves them best in the long run.

The average brokerage can run a Calgary REALTOR® up to $15,000 in annual fees, so you want to be mindful of your selection when you have to pay your licensing fees as well. You want a brokerage where you have the choice to save more and spend less without losing value.

Part of Urban Real Estate Services Ltd. philosophy is to nurture REALTORS® careers without penalizing them with heavy fees associated with running their business.

Which is why we believe in no monthly or desk fees for our REALTORS® and have fixed flat fee per transaction with a 20 transaction cap (for high performing REALTORS®.

You can see the breakdown of monthly fees associated with popular brokerages below annually:


Figure 1.0: Monthly Fees Associated with Desk and Brokerages Fees with Common Alberta Brokerage Pay Structures

Look for Opportunities to Invest

A brokerage should be more than a holding company for you to run your business out of. You should able to find areas where you can take your savings from either your brokerage fees or operational costs and be able to reinvest them into growing your business further.

These opportunities may look like valuable marketing assets - investing in a professionally designed website to send your potential customers to, or even purchasing your own form of digital advertising like Facebook Ads.

Your brokerage should be able to provide you with a number of places to do so and have the professional partners available at your request.


Figure 2.0: Brokerage Ads to Boost Your Lead Generation Opportunities

Set a Standard for Professional Growth

As a REALTOR® in the current Calgary economy, you want to be diligent in your process to adapt to the economic waves and marketplace. Your customers buying behaviour is constantly evolving therefore your business practices should be as well.

When you look to your brokerage, you should be able to access the training necessary to take your business to the next level to adjust to these changes along the way.

Most brand name brokerages push REALTORS® to join costly sales or Marketing Programs by 3rd parties. There is often nothing available in-house.

Some brokerages which offer “free” In-House education and training have built the fee into their monthly fee anyway and have a contract with REALTORS® to pay for it if they leave earlier.

You’ll want to get clear on your contractual obligations right away when selecting your brokerage. 

This will ensure you are not stuck in 2 to 5 year terms where you are unable to switch brokerages if you are unhappy with your current office.

At Urban, we do not have penalties if a REALTOR® ever wants to change brokerage at any time.

If your brokerage doesn’t offer affordable, effective training in-house and is not upfront with you about your contractual obligations, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.

Request and Expect Support

Support may seem like a common requirement from brokerages but it is the standard to which we set ourselves up for and the expectation of what we require that varies.

REALTORS® have questions and it is your brokerage’s responsibility to provide answers. Beyond an email or phone call, you should be able to connect with your broker or conveyance team in office if you’re left feeling uncertain.

In addition, brokerages which have digital tools available for those Calgary REALTORS® who operate out their homes is critical to your performance.

Whether it be a virtual office system or an online community setting inside of a social platform, you should be confident you can count on your brokerage and REALTOR® team for mentorship, guidance and advice.


Figure 3.0: Digital Tools to Keep You Supported Like E-Books, a Virtual Office System and More

Get Set Up for Success Starting Today

There you have it. We hope this article helps you get clearer on the options available to you when selecting a brokerage.

You can learn about all our exclusive benefits and how we help Calgary REALTORS® save, invest and grow in our e-book by clicking the download button below.

We believe in transparency at Urban Realty so there is nothing left out. And if we didn’t answer some of your questions, we’d love to connect with you.

You can contact our broker directly at 1-403-835-8358 or even come down to the office at 820 26th Ave NE, Calgary, AB.

At Urban Realty, we are always there for you when you need us most.


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