How We Found Balance With Our New Office

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Published by Urban Real Estate Services Ltd.

Ten years ago, Sunny Parmar, owner and broker of Urban Real Estate Services Ltd., opened an office in the North East of Calgary.

His goal was to build a real estate brokerage that would provide on going support for REALTORS® without the added costs of desk fees, monthly fees and so forth which had experienced in his own trials of real estate.

Putting his entrepreneurial skills and real estate knowledge to work, Parmar successfully grew his REALTOR® team from 10 to over 230 REALTORS® today.

Why We Decided to Move

Ten years snuck up on Urban Realty in a flash and the demand for a larger space was clear.

As Urban continues to grow, the decision to move was inevitable. The timing was right, the market was ready.

Sunny sought out a space that had greater accessibility, more parking, and had the right feel for the team.

With our ten year anniversary in business fast approaching, it just made sense to take the dive into this milestone for Urban Realty.

How Does This Move Correlate with Calgary’s Current Market?

As CREB® sent out last month’s monthly stat package, we found that “with improvements in the labour market and a balanced detached sector, city-wide benchmark prices [have risen]”

With the Calgary market finally seeing movement, it is beginning to look a lot like a buyer’s market to play in.

Sometimes, in these markets, you need to take advantage of what is available and what makes the most sense for your family or your business.

What We Love About The New Space

The biggest thing for Parmar in his selection of a space was finding the right energy and balance within an office.

That may be easier said than done when looking at commercial spaces, but there are great features about the new office that made the decision easy:


Say goodbye to the lengthy staircase of the old office and walk into this welcoming, open space. Not only is it closer to CREB® as well but even the location is easier to get to! Simply head down 2 blocks from the intersection of Barlow Trail NE and 7th Ave NE.


Moving away from limited reserved parking, the new office offers greater parking space for our REALTORS® and their clients to come by.


It may sound silly to some, but having a balanced office space improves productivity. Having the right feel and energy in the office was key to maintaining Urban’s holistic approach to the brand.

Visit Us

We will be having an open-house of the new space in the coming weeks so keep your eyes out for an announcement.

As for our agents, our weekly meetings will be starting up again soon for all our REALTOR® team to join in.

We encourage you to come check out the new space and see why we are so excited to have a new office. Come by to check out the space at Unit A, 820 – 26th Street NE, Calgary, AB T2A 2M4.

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