Take the Training: How to Improve Your Real Estate Business

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Published by Urban Real Estate Services Ltd.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 or classroom training and meetings have been postponed indefinitely*

How often do you stop learning to improve your business? When was the last time you went to the gym and said, I think I’ve worked out enough, so I’m good from now on. The likelihood that this is something you just cease to do because you’ve reached a certain point in your fitness goals or even your business goals, is limited. The rookie mistake is to assume you know everything there is to know already. How do you define success and how do you credit yourself as an expert? An expert is defined as a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area – but not everything.

Why Self-Improvement Is An Endless Cycle

As a REALTOR®, you’re often bombarded with sales coaching offerings, peak performance sales training and more. Offerings like high-fee based programs that might not be specific to real estate which often leave REALTORS® still seeking for more. At Urban Real Estate Services Ltd., we understand that you’ve already been investing in your business – that’s why you got into real estate in the first place. But when it comes to the sales training, there is a common overarching theme with these programs that lack the human aspect before the sale can even begin. You pour your hard earned dollars into these programs and you have a right to expect results. Many of these programs do not touch on the value of understanding the marketing aspect and the parallel of humanizing themselves to their customers. You should always be looking out for opportunities to improve yourself and your business.

The Urban Realty Approach

One way Urban Realty has incorporated this philosophy is by offering our real estate agents on-going support and training through our own training programs and weekly office meetings that are either free or low-fee. Our training covers a range of topics like Business Planning, Marketing, Lead Generation, Converting More Buyers, How to Work with Sellers and Get More Listings, How to Negotiate, Working with Builders and much more. We have found that by reinforcing the education and training on the latest market trends and behaviors that we are able to prepare our agents quickly and efficiently. By doing so, we find they’re left with greater peace of mind, clarity, and confidence around their business and understand how to serve their customers better. What you can do to improve your real estate business is request for the education from your brokerage, connect with your broker for support and network with the REALTORS® inside your brokerage to nurture idea generation and collaboration.

Shift Your Perspective On Where the Value Is

Fees are the number one deterrent from a professional investing in training.What often occurs is an unclear vision of how much value is available due to these programs own marketing flaws. But the flip side of the coin is that people undervalue what often is offered for free. You experience this all the time when you host an open house and you’ll come across the odd straggler, who has no intention to buy but just wanted to come by for a free tour. If your brokerage is offering an opportunity to learn more about your business and your marketing expertise, there is likely a bit more value than you expect. Our training is centered around classroom based delivery with web-based training material, support and all of this is free of charge because we want to see our team members succeed.You can do diligence with your research; never be afraid to ask your broker questions around what training is offered or what is available to you. You know how you learn best and what you want to improve upon, so be in communication to create access for yourself.

Take the Training

How important is it to you to close a sale? If real estate is your main source of income, you’re likely pouring everything you have into the business and it’s a full-time gig. Why wouldn’t you take the chance to improve upon it when the opportunity arises? With Urban Realty, we offer both free and low-fee training options that have been carefully crafted to support our agents as the market changes and puts the people first and foremost. We have found solutions to traditional marketing woes that will help you stand out in your real estate business and give you the confidence to sell more. If you’re lacking support with where you’re at or you’re one of our own, you can contact us at info@urban-realty.ca to see how we can support you in your real estate growth today.

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