The Best Applications for Home Design Inspiration

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When it comes to purchasing a home, buyers want to be able to visualize themselves in the space. According to Anne Trafton from MIT, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Home buyers want to feel informed on their purchasing decision. From textile moodboards, to color palettes, right down to product visualization, we all want to be able to customize and personalize our living spaces. We’ve curated a list of some our favorite applications to help homeowners and homebuyers alike gather inspiration for their humble abode.


Pinterest is an intuitive social platform that curates and collects subject matter based on tags and categories. The more specific you get in your search query, the more tailored results will appear according to your search. Pinterest allows you to create multiple boards based on your choice of themes, style, etc. so you have instant access to real-time moodboards, where you can Pin your favorite inspiration. You can upload your own photos or designs directly to the application to contribute. The great thing about Pinterest is the sub-categories that appear as you begin to a search query. For example, if you were to search home design, multiple sub-categories will appear at the top of your query, suggesting similar tags associated. Pinterest is a wonderful resource when you’re looking for fresh ideas for your home. More than a moodboard tool, Pinterest provides links to blogs, articles or DIY tips to educate homeowners.


Houzz is a platform that bridges the design inspiration to real-time contractors and professionals. The application gives homeowners the ability to connect with local help and businesses, everything from architects and design, to an assortment of home services such as HVAC, plumbing, and cleaning. Similar to Pinterest, you can find curations and resources for design inspiration. From style guides and galleries, Houzz has over 100 categories for homeowners to discover. But Houzz is expands beyond inspiration. The application provides users with a experience to upload their own spaces in real-time and pick from popular furniture, textiles, materials, etc. and stage them – all on the screen of their devices.


Hover is a visualization tool for homeowners. Hover provides users with the ability to calculate real measurements of their home. The application also gives users access to real-time 3D design customization that can be reproduced online and in-app. On-top of visualizing your space, Hover gives you quick estimates and accurate measurements so you can start your home remodelling projects sooner. Providing confidence in a homeowner’s personalization, you can export your data from Hover to provide contractors with a full report on what you are hoping to achieve for your dream home design.

The Bottom-Line? Options Are Everything

Whether you’re shopping around for your new home or maybe you’re starting a remodel, these apps will support you in your dream home design. These applications are a great resource to bring to the table when working with a trusted REALTOR® to help you find that perfect fit. The more informed you are, the more empowered you are to make a purchasing decision you can feel confident with.

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